Sunday School

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CHILDREN I (grades 1-3)

To every structure built, it is our human desire to give it a firm foundation. A foundation that will help it stand through the winds, storms, and struggles of every day. Our children are no different except they are far more valuable to us and to God.

The Children I Sunday School Department of First Baptist York strives to provide a Christ-centered learning environment to help children build a relationship with Jesus.

We learn stories from the Bible, act out those stories and apply them to the children’s daily lives. We sing songs, play games, learn the books of the Bible and how to find Scriptures. Our goal is to learn a rule to live by: Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. In turn we learn to love Jesus first, and we learn to love others.

The lessons learned through these stories and activities, taught on the child’s level, will help build their foundation as a Christian.

Teacher: Gayle Dover


YOUTH (grades 7-12)

The teachers of the Youth Sunday School class try to bring the Word of God in a way that today’s youth can understand. The class is a lot of discussion and conversation about how the Word and God apply today. It also is a place where the youth can feel comfortable and know there is a resource they can turn to if a need arises.

Teachers: Kenny McKown and Gene Childers


This class is a diverse class of Christians who encourage one another. We pray for the needs of the church and the people.

We share the responsibility of teaching the class.


The Journey Class is for young adults out of high school and starting life on their own. We try to take Christian history and beliefs and apply them to life in the 21st century. Two things we aim for are community involvement and a network of Christian friends to lean on and fellowship with.


CHILDREN II (grades 4-6)

This class is composed of children who thirst for knowledge of the Bible and knowledge of Jesus. The truth of God’s word is timeless. We try to keep this message relevant to today’s generation. We strongly believe in class participation by having the children take turns reading parts of the lesson. They each want to read the Scriptures that are relevant to our daily lesson as well. It really gets interesting when we compare these issues to what’s happening daily in these children’s lives. In addition, we occasionally play Bible games or do activities in their lesson books.

These children challenge us every Sunday! They ask very intuitive, and sometimes complicated, questions that we, at times, struggle to answer! All in all, when the bell rings and they leave our class, we not only want them to have learned a valuable lesson that they can apply to their everyday life, but we want them to know that they are loved by us and are, more importantly, loved by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Teachers: Tracie & Derrick Miller



This class is a meeting place that we look forward to each Sunday.

We are sisters helping each other to understand God’s word.

What a blessing it is each Sunday to see your Christian friends that care about you and know the same God you do.


This class is a special group of women that meet in the Parlor. We vary in age and come from different walks of life, but we all love Jesus and each other.

We pray together, we laugh together, we cry together, and we study God’s word together.

We have very special ladies that spend time in God’s word each week getting ready to teach us.

If you do not have a Sunday School Class, we would love for you to join us as we share the joy of the Lord with each other and with you.



Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

We in the Seekers Sunday School Class might be described as “mature” adults--old enough to have experienced quite a bit in life, but young enough in spirit to continue to seek God’s will in our lives.

We are male, female, couples, singles, parents, grandparents, workers, and retirees. In many ways we are very different--some better at talking and leading discussions, others better at reading Scripture or leading prayers, some who ask thought provoking questions and others who share their understanding of Scripture.

Instead of having a single teacher, we have rotating discussion leaders. We have thought provoking discussions. Even when we encounter Scripture with which we are very familiar, we more often than not leave class with a new understanding or a new way to apply the Scripture to our lives.

Our classroom is across from the entry to the Baptistry. We have several empty chairs, so please come join us!



We have varied backgrounds. Some of us are retired. Others are still working. We have some who lead group discussions about our current Sunday School lesson and all of us contribute through discussion of the lesson, prayer, and asking questions that help us all to better understand God’s vision of our lives. What we share in common is a thirst for knowledge about God’s plan for our lives and how we might become better Christians.

Some of us show up early for class and we like to talk about the weather, sports, gardening, raising goats and a variety of other topics. Some of us like to participate in hands-on mission projects while others like to contribute to helping those less fortunate through class donations.

Please check us out! We are located behind the sanctuary. Please contact any of our members-- Mason Smith (class president), Jim Dickerson, Jim McKown, Bill Shelton, Bill Plaxco, Bill Haven, Bob Williams, Robert McDowell, Lowry Russell, or Jay Stackley--if you would like more information.