Welcome to First Baptist Church of York.
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A fellowship of joy, a family of faith

That’s one way to describe the congregation of First Baptist. “A Fellowship of Joy” has been the motto of our church for many years. It speaks of the joy that we know because of the grace of God in Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that one result of Christ in our lives is that we will experience the truest meaning of joy and peace . In a world where authentic pleasure in living and a genuine sense of wholeness and fulfillment in life are so hard to find, that biblical promise is perhaps more relevant today than at any other time in our church’s history.

Hard to believe? Well, for some persons it really is hard to believe, especially when we feel so isolated and alone. That’s where the next part of our slogan comes into play.

We are a “Fellowship of Joy,” and we are also a “Family of Faith.” We are a Christian church, proud of our distinctive Baptist faith tradition. and we are bound together as a close knit family. We are concerned for each other and we share life experiences. This relationship is also part of the biblical promise. So here we are, a family of faith where through shared support you may know the joy of life made possible in Jesus Christ.

A Fellowship of Joy...
Music Ministry

We have choirs and musical programs for everyone from children through senior adults. A blend of musical styles enhances the worship experience of the First Baptist family. Special musical programs add to the joy and worship during different times of the year, such as Christmas and Easter.

Children’s Ministry

The first of our age-group ministries provides our children with several opportunities for fun, learning, and service. From the Fall Festival in October to the Back-to-School Party in August children have a chance to learn about Christ and to practice ministry in God’s service.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry may be famous for its Flamingo Flock, but there’s much more to the story. Our Youth Ministry features Bible Study and true discipleship training with opportunities to put faith into practice. Faith, fellowship, food, and fun are part of our youth events, but always with the aim of growing Christian disciples.

Senior Adult Ministry

Senior Adults are an active part of the total ministry of First Baptist. Regular meetings with programs for entertainment, life-long learning, and spiritual growth are part of the package. Friendship and fellowship also find a good fit in the Senior Adult Ministry of First Baptist.

...A Family of Faith.

On the first Sunday each May we celebrate the birth of our church in this community. We are proud of our history and the contributions that this congregation has made to the life of the community and to the work of the kingdom of God. Our annual homecoming observance is a time when we look back in order to look ahead .

Bible Study and Disciple Training

Our weekly Sunday School, mid-week Bible Study, and the “Walk to Emmaus” provide Christian discipleship and spiritual development opportunities where we seek to support one another in our growth as Christians.

Mission Opportunities

Guided by Women on Mission and Men’s Ministry we seek to give each person the opportunity to live out their own call to ministry and to be involved in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.